”Great things are done when water and mountains meet…” You are welcome to dive into this magical, mystery mountainous municipality full of untouched nature, beautiful sights, rich wildlife, amazing people and witness the truth behind this famous Croatian saying. And to taste the unique and famous Lika cuisine is yet another great and truly genuine pleasure…It is a home-style cooking where cooking is to cook restaurant-style food in the home, meaning gardening, preserving and raising at least your own chicken, vegetables, and enjoying the seasonal produce and all the pleasures of good food on the table. Most recipes come from family traditional kitchens, and these are the original autochthonous recipes of the Lika region. Your chef, by preparing dishes at a restaurant or a family farm, is the most credited that food tastes exquisite on the table for a lovely and charming guest’s smile.

Some of the traditional dishes that you will frequently be offered by your host are Lika prosciutto, bacon, Škripavac cheese (autochthonous soft and full-fat cheese produced in Lika households), good dried sausages, home-made soup, poultry, and potatoes baked either in shell or in halves such as Ličke pole. For lunch or dinner, the best specialties are lamb or suckling pig on a spit with baked potatoes or seasonal vegetables, complemented with a small glass of Šljivovica (fruit brandy made from damson plums, often referred to as plum brand) or roast trout served from the fish farm located in the immediate vicinity.

Any host knows that the best food you can ever eat is what they serve you at their kitchen table, so just enjoy the taste and smell of our unique and amazing Lika cuisine that will make you coming back for more genuine pleasures.

Visibaba Restaurant

Visibaba Restaurant is located in a small place called Donji Babin Potok, only 7 km en route to the Plitivice Lakes National Park, within the territory of the Municipality of Vrhovine. The restaurant offers traditional cuisine and supreme customer service, overlooking to the wonderful and stunning outside scenery views that gives additional perks to the dining guests.

Location: Donji Babin Potok bb, 53223 Donji Babin Potok
Telephone: (053) 767 102

Monajo Fast Food Restaurant

Monajo Fast Food Restaurant is a local fast food restaurant in a small wooden house emanating delicious smell of fast food which all generations like. The restaurant offers served or to take-away food such as čevapi (made of beef and pork, minced together, seasoned, grilled and served on a plate with fries and fresh minced onions, accompanied with sour cream and spices and served in a thin bun called lepinja), hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hunter’s hamburgers, particularly delicious for mushrooms. The restaurant is to include new dishes in its offer soon to the satisfaction of its dining guests.

Location: Senjska 38/7, 53223 Vrhovine
Telephone: (053) 615 819

Vrata Plitvica Restaurant

Restoran Vrata Plitvica vodi se principom da je ukusna i visoko kvalitetna hrana jedna od najbitnijih stvari za nezaboravan odmor. Zato posebnu pozornost pridodaju tome da gostu osiguramo najbolju gastronomsku ponudu. Menu nudi domaća tradicionalna jela iz Like i neodoljive deserte. Restoran Vrata Plitvica je mjesto gdje gosti mogu uživati u jutrarnjoj javi ili ostati do dugo u noć. 

Location:  Donji Babin Potok 107B, 53223 Vrhovine


Adress :

Senjska 48,
Vrhovine, 53223
OIB : 39290995266

Contact :

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +385 (53) 775 010
Fax: +385 (53) 775 601

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