Attractions in Vrhovine and its surroudings– the Vrhovine Tourist Board

Dear Rental Owners,

For the upcoming tourist season 2018, the Vrhovine Tourist Board has published informative brochures and tourist maps so that you can closely inform your highly estemeed guests of all attractions in Vrhovine and its surrounding area. The referred documents are available at the premises of the Vrhovine Tourist Board, Senjska ulica bb, Vrhovine.

The Vrhovine Tourist Board wishes to all a very successful and prosperous tourist season!

Karta Brošura

Adress :

Senjska 48,
Vrhovine, 53223
OIB : 39290995266

Contact :

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +385 (53) 775 010
Fax: +385 (53) 775 601

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